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Frequently Asked Questions

Order & Lens

1. Item processed for how long?

Each orders will be processed within 1 - 3 business days exclude weekend and public holiday.

2. I have duplicate order. One is paid and the other is unpaid (or status show awaiting payment). How to cancel the unpaid order?

Well, just ignore the unpaid order, we won’t further process it. But that one that you have paid. It will be processed and ship accordingly. But if you want modify your order detail, please contact us at as soon as possible.

3. Does Lensflavors sell astigmatic lens?

Yes. You may refer to our Soft Toric Lenses page.

4. Can astigmatism use normal lenses?

If you have astigmatism but want to wear no Plano lens, please consult with your optometrists before placing your order.

5. Do you have (+) plus prescription for farsighted?

All our lenses comes with (-) prescription which is for Nearsightedness. We do not have any lenses for Farsightedness (+) prescription for now.

6. Diameter / Base Curve / Prescription, what’s suitable for me?

Please consult with your optometry to get the correct prescription/base curve and diameter of your both eyes.

7. Oh No, defected product?!

Please contact immediately. Or you can refer to our RETURN & EXCHANGE POLICY for more information. Shipping & Tracking

Shipping & Tracking

1. Parcel shipping status?

click ORDER and check status
please go to TRACK & TRACE to check the parcel delivery status.

2. Why the tracking status is ’origin post is preparing shipment’ and remain the same for quite some time?

If you in the US, you will often saw this tracking status. FYI, this status indicate the parcel is in transit. USPS does not update the status regularly, thus the status will change once the products are delivered. Your patience is greatly appreciated under. For registered mail users, please be noted that shipping days are between 14 to 25 business days.

3. How to track my order?

There are few steps to track your order
- Check your ORDER STATUS first
- Make sure the status is SHIPPED
- Only when products are shipped, then you will be provided with TRACKING NUMBER - Once you obtain your tracking number, you can go to TRACK & TRACE to locate your products.

4. It has been 15 days, I haven’t received my parcel?

Please be noted that for International Registered Mail users, the transit period are between 14 to 25 business days, but excluded on Saturday and Sunday. Please add another 3 days of processing on top of the transit days in your calculation. Additionally, you can check the tracking status for more precise updates.

5. My tracking number can’t be found in DHL EXPRESS site or other Courier agency website, why?

There are two possibilities on this case
- Courier agency may need up to Two days to update all the parcels status especially International Registered Mail, at time there is congestion due to heavy flow. Check again after Two days.
- Either typos or errors might have occurred at customer side or at our side. For your information, the tracking number is being keyed in manually and it is subjected to human errors, hence your understanding is greatly appreciated here. However, please allow two days before seeking clarification with us, it might always because of the first possibilities.

6. How much is the shipping Fees?

Global Mail by DHL is FREE for all purchase regardless of amount. However faster express shipping by DHL EXPRESS has charges, please click SHIPPING for more information.

7. Is the custom tax included in the price?

If there is custom tax, it is levied by the authority in your respective country, and you are liable for it, if there is. You have to check with the authority if our products are eligible for tax, as this depends on each country policy.

Unable to Checkout

When you are unable to CHECKOUT and receive this popping message -
"Shipping rates have been updated based on your new "ship to" address. Please review then resubmit your order."

This pops out when the name of state and province have the letters like ä or similar to this "wired word".
Please type with English alphabet and you should be able to proceed with the checkout.
If this problem doesn’t solved, contact us at and attach the screenshot with the whole frame of the web page, and we will investigate this issue further.

Product Information

1. The lens made of what material? Are they safe to and approved by FDA?

The lenses are made from polymacon/polyhema and water. Moisture content is usually in between 38% or 42%. Circle lenses are generally safe and are approved by Korean FDA. Precaution is always needed, though. Please check out our WEAR & CARE guide for more information.

2. The Phantasee Glow UV Blue doesn't glow as you have described it. Why?

Phantasee lens only glows under the ultra violet (UV LIGHT). It will remain as regular lens when exposed to natural light.

3. Is there any difference between 14.0 mm and 14.2 mm diameter lenses?

The main different is the size. The larger the diameter the more coverage of the iris, but the enlarging effect depends on both Diameter and Limbal Ring. Please consult with your optometry to get the correct diameter/base curve of your both eyes before placing any order.

4. Why the GEO serial number on the sticker is invalid when I check it in the GEO anti-fake website?

Please make sure to enter the correct serial key, else the system can retrieve the data. If this problem persist even after you have confirm that the correct serial number is entered, please contact us at

5. Why I received Barbie instead of G&G lens?

Barbie brand is actually G&G’s. All the lenses from G&G comes in different label: MESSISH, DUEBA, BARBIE and G&G itself. It’s the manufacturer prerogative on which label to use in a different batch. All the design will be exactly the same even though it comes with a different label.

6. Can I use an eyedrops while wearing contact lens and it is safe to use?

The circle lens comes in different moisture content in between 30%-50%. Some people able to use the lenses which lower moisture content without having a trouble of dryness. In general, the moisture content, parallel to the amount total oxygen passing through.


1. Can I make transaction using Debit Card?

Of course. The process of payment is similar to that of Credit Card, just please proceed with the Checkout and click on Paypal buy now. You will be forwarded to Paypal authorized page, where you can make a complete the purchase by keying in your information.

2. I have made the payment, but it has not been processed yet. It was made by e-check. Can you please let me know when my order it will be processed and shipped?

Usually clearance of e-heck takes up to 10 days. We process your order only after the clearance is made. Processing days may vary from 1 to 3 days, and the shipping update depend on the shipping method you have chosen.