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Lens & New user Guide

Guide for the newest and freshest wearer

Don’t try to be a Hero to conquer new lenses, there’s no leaps and bounce, because your eye is too delicate for this!

We help you to curry your lens, step by step.

Circle Lens vs Contact Lens

  • Circle Lens has Black Rims at the edge
  • More styles and colors
  • Your eye look bigger
  • Contact Lens has no Black Rims at the edge
  • Less styles and colors

Call it Circle lens or in other words cosmetic contact lens, it means one thing i.e. to add glamor to your eye.

Manufactured to enhance your eye’s adorability, it help you to change your eye color and to widen it, making it brighter and bigger.

Korean and Japanese manufacturer top the Circle Lens Billboard chart, the safest and most popular among the users.

For who?

Drama queen, worldwide Diva, Kpop star wanabe, Vlogger superstar, and the list goes on and on. No matter which list you fitted in, you could utilize the best circle lens in our store to make you shine better and brighter!

What style?

Elegant, vibrant, dynamic, striking, are just part of the style you find. Be it in Cosplay, on the street or other special occasion, there’s always suitable circle lens for it. Circle Lens has various prescription to no prescription, worry not because you are guaranteed to get lens suitable for you!

Essential information about Circle Lens

  1. Always consult Optometrists or ophthalmologist to determine your eye prescription and health condition.
  2. All the circle lens carried by LensFlavors are all Korean/Japanese made and approved by Korea FDA.
  3. You shall not continuously feel uncomfortable wearing it.
  4. You are responsible for the wellbeing of your eyes for wearing circle lens.
  5. Do NOT fall asleep with your circle lens on your eyes.

Just like the spice market, there’s so much colors and flavors! Which one shall lie on your eyes? Consider below 5 Spice up Effect:

Big and Spicy effect

Sweet and comfort level

Tangy Colors effect

Organic effect

Melting effect

1) Big and Spicy effect – How big my eyes should looks like?

Diameter is the key!
The larger the diameter, the more the lens cover your iris. Besides, the limbal ring (black ring at the edge of the lens) helps to increase the enlargement effect, so these TWO elements comes in hand on hand!

2) Sweet and comfort level – How long can I wear circle lens?

Circle lenses has the life span of 9-12 months once the vial bottle is opened.
You shall wear it from 6-8 hours daily, not more than that. However, some may have eye dryness and fatigue less than 6 hours. Circle lens has lower percentage of moisture retention that normal contact lens, it need to be complemented with contact lens eye drop, to increase moisture on your eyes. You should not feel uncomfortable by wearing it, else do remove it immediately.

3) Tangy Colors effect – Does my eye catch attention?

How catchy and striking my eyes appear? This is determined by its color, and how it appear under different lighting. A vibrant lens, will entice everybody to look at you in awe, regardless of where you are, and what type and level of lighting you’re exposed to.

4) Organic effect – Does eye look natural?

Nothing is perfect, and there’s always a balance.
Vibrancy comes at the cost of natural look, and vice versa. A vibrant and enlarging lens will take leverage over the natural effect; a natural effect lens will take leverage over vibrant and enlarging effect.

You have to make your choice, which type you want?

Of course, the option in between is; not too vibrant and enlarged, while pertaining some natural element.

5) Melting effect – What lens melted and blend with my natural iris color?

The general guideline is to wear the lens with similar color to your iris will yield the best result. Generally, lens that has similar color to your iris, will gain best blending effect. Some lens with yellowish dots surrounding the pupils, does blends well with the light and dark brown eyes. For the light eyes group; colors such as green, blue, grey or violet, will offer good blending result.