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Printing Partner

Lensflavors’s authorized printing partner

FlipChap is Lensflavors’s authorized printing partner. It provides professional printing service for FlipChap like name card, calendar and other printing related stationery.
The main product line of FlipChap is 100% hand-crafted Photo book and handmade box.

FlipChap offers a wide range of selection on personalized option for better customization on the photo book. A premium quality 100% hand-crafted photo book take 2 to 3 hours to produce by warehouse employee. Customers are able to customize their 100% hand-crafted photo book by choosing cover material, binding style and also other customization option like book type, pages, size, texture of paper, handmade box and also hand-crafted fully customizable personalized freebies. Selection on cover material included hardcover, softcover and layflat. They have perfect photo book option to make travel photo book which allowed customer to customize their travel photos into the photo book. Customer can customize the Hardcover of the photo book by select location portrait as the cover page, so it is easier for customer to pick out desire travel photo book from the shelf by the location portrait on cover page!

They produce premium quality wedding photo book which allowed customer to customize photo book by custom debossing text and logo, design on layout, text and pictures. Leatherette Layflat Photo Books enable Images continue from page to page without breaks which is perfectly suitable for wedding photos, panaroma photos and large group portraits.