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Track and Trace

Already have your Tracking Number?

  1. Go My Account
  2. Review Order/Track Packages
  3. View or Change Order
  4. Tracking Number is in the order comment box

- Please allows 3 days for Courier Company to make an update once item was posted.
- The status showing 'Dispatch to 580034' meaning the product has been dispatched.

Global Mail Parcels send to United Kingdom and Australia can’t be tracked. Please refer to your local post office.
United States Customers: USPS
Canada Customers: Canada Post
United Kingdom Customers: Royalmail
Spain Customers: Correos
Germany Customers: Call your local post office to trace
Other countries: Please trace at your local post office website


1. I have not received my Shipping Tracking Number.

We do NOT send confirmation email on shipping. You will have to log into your account to obtain your tracking number.
1. Log into your account (Click My Account)
2. Check your Order Status (Click Review Order/Track Packages)
3. You will see your tracking number (Click View or Change Order)
4. The tracking number is in the order comment box
Tracking Number Checking Description
The tracking number is in the order comment box (After clicking the View or Change Order button)

2. It has been Two weeks. Where is item? (Global mail service users)

Global mail service takes about 14-25 working days to deliver your item, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.

3. Why USPS status always show ‘Origin Post is Preparing Shipment'?

It means that the parcel has been dispatch and on transit to the United States. It is unfortunate that USPS do not promptly update the parcel status, and it’s beyond our control. The status will remain the same even after the product is delivered until a certain period.

4. How to find my order status?

1. Go to My Account Review Orders/Track Packages
2. View or Change Order
It may appear in the ORDER STATUS as below:
The order has been completed, are being processed and getting ready for shipment. It may take up to 3 days irrespective of the size and quantity.
Your parcel are in transit, the TRACKING NUMBER will be updatged. It is located at the bottom of the Order Status.
Awaiting Payment:
The order has not been completed. The products has been selected and we are still awaiting for your payment. Please complete the transaction by selecting Pay via Paypal button at the bottom of of your order detail page.
You will see this if you checkout with E-Cheque method. This means the payment has yet to be cleared, and it may take 3-7 days. Once, the transaction is cleared and received, the status will update to PROCESSED.

5. Why my parcel returned to Lensflavors?

There are few possibilities for this scenario:
- Wrong address provided
- Wrong contact detail or email are provided, un-contactable
- NO pick-up at the post office for Two weeks, after notice were given (Global Mail)
If you want for a re-delivery, we will charge you for delivery fees TRIPPLED that you have paid. ($3 for Global Mail)
Please make sure that someone able to receive the parcel at your premise, and provide the correct contact detail.

6. Why the tracking status is ‘Hold In ISC/ Custom Dept'?

The parcel is being hold for check-up or taxation in your country. There may be delayed if this circumstances occurred. Lensflavors does not hold any responsibilities for any delay due to this reason as it is beyond our control. If there is duty or tax levied on the parcel, you are responsible to clear the payment.