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Wear and Care Guide

Important notes:

At the side of the bottle printed the expiry date. The expiry date actually refers to the solution in the bottle. The Lens inside, has the shell life of one year after it were taken out.
Please be noted that, for the un-opened lens bottle, the expiry of the lens is the same with the solution.

Lens Information Label

Diameter (DIA) Base Curve, Diameter, Expiry date and Prescription are printed on the label.
Check on the particular of Base Curve and diameter, if you have chosen them during checkout.
Observe from the bottom of the lens bottle. Scan for defects such as nick or tears, and determine if color of both lens match each other.
Do not use the lens, shall you find the bottle are not in its original manufactured condition i.e. opened cracked or damaged. If the color doesn’t match or there is defect, please e-mail our customer service at

Step 1 – Open the Bottle

Look for an arrow pointing upward
Lift the cap together with steel sea below and pull it off completely.
If you accidentally break off the cap from the steel seal before it is removed, cut it off with scissor. Do not use your bare hand to remove the remaining as the steel seal is sharp.

Step 2 – To Clean the Circle Lens

Eye is delicate, precaution and care of hygiene is absolutely essential and these are steps to follow:
Spice up your hands before your eyes! Use non-scented soap and anti-bacterial disinfectant, and best to handle it with short nails.
Before putting in your lens into the lens case, fill it with multipurpose solution.
Soak the lens in the lens case with multipurpose solution, for at least 8 hours.
Use cotton bud to remove the lens from the lens case. Put it on your palm, add a few drops of multipurpose solutions, and rub it with a cotton buds or with fingers.

Step 3 – Wearing the Lens

The most exciting part, of course is to wear it on your eyes!
1. Setup a clear and spice up your life Mirror.
2. Spice up your hands, clean and clear.
3. Take the lenses out using your index finger.
4. Check if the lens are inside out. It should be in a cup-form with upright edges that doesn’t bend outward.
5. Pull your lower eye lid using your middle finger, while pulling your upper eye lid using your other hand.
6. Slowly insert the lens, from the bottom to the top.
7. Blink your eye till the lens sit properly on your eye.
8. Repeat the steps from 3) to 7) to the other eye.
9. Take a 15 minutes break if you fail and repeat!

Step 4 - Remove the Lens

Do not wear circle/contact lens more than 8 hours a day, below is the guide to remove it:
Hands are sanitized and cleaned, preferably using non-scented soap and anti-bacterial disinfectant. Use you index finger to gently touch the lens.
1. Do not blink and use one hand to pull your lower eye lid.
2. Slides the lens to the white part of your eye.
3. Squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger
4. Repeat the same procedure to your other eye.

Step 5 – To do & Not to do with Circle Lens

In order to have a fun and safe experience with Circle Lens, there is certain rules to abide.

  • DO change your circle lenses case every three months, there could be germ inhabitation.
  • Usually, lens case is clearly marked either in the inside or outside, with letter L (Left) or R (Right). This also conveniently help to identify the lens that has different prescription, if you having different prescription for both eyes.
  • When there is eye dryness and fatigue, DO use suitable eye drops, and use it in a sufficient and advisable portion.
  • Keep the lens in room temperature.
  • DO remove the lens whenever there is discomfort.
  • DO NOT use tap water to replace multipurpose solution, it may be contaminated and pave way for germination.
  • DO NOT wear the lens more than 8 hours.
  • DO NOT sleep with the lenses on, to avoid corneal ulcers and eye.
  • DO NOT wear the lenses, while swimming or in sauna.
  • DO NOT share your lens with others.
  • DO NOT expose to aerosol spray.
  • DO NOT interchange the usage of Left and Right lens i.e. left lens for left eyes; right lens for right eye. This is to avoid when one eye got infected, it may spread to the other eye by interchanging the lens.
  • If you are facing discomfort problems, DO consult our customer service at or immediately consult with your eye doctor.

Final Reminder

Some may cause blurry sight at the edge of your vision, this may due to the design of the lens. However, this may be temporary as you vision will improved once you started to adapt to it.

However, if it cover some areas of your pupils and cause blurry vision, please contact for assistance.